In an effort to improve the City and County of San Francisco’s (the "City") business corridors, the SF Shines Program (the "Program") provides grants and design assistance to property owners and merchants to improve façades, storefronts, business interiors, and signs.

The Program's objectives are to:

- Increase economic vitality of businesses in commercial corridors

- Enhance the neighborhood streetscape - Increase neighborhood safety

- Promote pedestrian-oriented design principles to attract visitors and shoppers - Restore the historic and architectural character of the neighborhood

- Foster a sense of pride in the community

- Encourage investment in the neighborhood

- Help businesses assess and remove barriers to accessibility

- Assist property owners in attracting retail businesses to vacant locations

- Incentivize new retail businesses to locate within Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Areas (NRSAs) and Invest in Neighborhood Program (INP)