TEDP joins forces with Tenderloin businesses opposed to proposed Turk Street 24-hour homeless center


TEDP has collected 30 signatures from Tenderloin business owners opposed to the proposed Turk Street 24-hour homeless center.  Addressed to Mayor Lee, this letter opposes the center because businesses in the Tenderloin are already impacted by rampant drug use, drug dealing, loitering, homelessness, and the violence and despair this brings to the neighborhood. Creating a 24-hour homeless service center on Turk Street will intensify these problems and create further obstacles to business success.

Tenderloin businesses want a neighborhood that is respected by the City and not seen as a place that serves primarily the socially dispossessed. The businesses are just beginning to organize their voices and are determined to demand they be afforded the same public process as all other neighborhoods when a decision of this magnitude is considered. 

Although it is important to care for people with needs, businesses are asking the City to consider their needs in making this decision and stand by the commitment that every neighborhood accept its fair share of homeless services. A better alternative is the original proposed use of 440 Turk as office space. Office workers would be an asset to our neighborhood and our businesses. They would become local customers and get to know and support the community.

Find the signed petition here